Eliot Baha'i Community & Friends 2012 at Fellowship House

Eliot Baha'i Community 1/1/2012

One Human Family Programs have been offered on one Sunday each month fall through spring, usually at 2:30pm at Fellowship House,  1037 Main St., Eliot, Maine. 

Baha'i activities in Eliot also include children's classes on most Sunday mornings, a parent-child playgroup on Fridays, a junior youth group on Monday evenings, devotional meetings at various times, and study circles on Baha'i topics.  All are welcome; no collections are taken at any of these programs.

You are invited to join our "friends and neighbors" email list to get notifications of these and other upcoming programs, or check in with us if you have questions. 

Email secretary@bahaisofeliot.org with your name and a little about your interests, and we will add you to the email list.

For more information via phone, call 207-439-8609

Eliot Baha'i Community, PO Box 103, Eliot, ME 03903

For general information about the Baha'i Faith, phone 1-800-228-6483 (1-800-22-UNITE) or use the links to the left.

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